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ELITE Lounge



ELITE Lounge


ELITE Lounge is a dedicated environment devoted to the most ambitious and proactive Advisors (Banks, Auditors, etc.) to offer a co-branded path to their key clients within the ELITE Growth program.
The Lounge enables partners to gain deeper knowledge of their best clients, establishing a solid and long-lasting relationship and generating new opportunities for their clients in the diverse ELITE ecosystem. 
This model offers a CRM approach based on a deeper understanding of the client's needs.  Exclusivity, Cross-selling, Skills and Business Opportunities are the key ingredients of the Lounge model.

The long term objective of the ELITE Lounge is to enhance the relationship between the Partner and its key clients.


How to activate a Lounge?

Every ELITE Premium Partner can sponsor a Lounge, if specific requirements are matched, sending a formal request to





BNL in collaboration with ELITE has introduced the first ELITE Lounge dedicated to the most "innovative companies", facilitating access to capital through a dedicated training programme, the development of new skills and sharing experiences. In January 2017, thanks to BNL - BNP Paribas, the ELITE Community has welcomed 19 new companies from 8 different Italian regions and sectors, such as pharmaceutical, chemical and fashion.

DEUTSCHE Bank Lounge:


The agreement signed between ELITE and Deutsche Bank saw 32 new companies joining ELITE in less than one year: this group boasts an aggregate revenue 720 million euros and involves about 2000employees.
The long-term objective here is to guarantee private companies access to a range of funding options, improve their visibility, connect them with potential investors and support them in managing cultural and organizational change.

AKROS - BPM Lounge:


The Lounge agreement signed between ELITE and Akros - BPM Bank has welcomed 23 new companies, from 6 different Italian regions. Thanks to the Lounge model, Akros Bank- BPM Bank will support their clients in achieving increasingly ambitious objectives. The combination of the network powered by ELITE and BPM Bank’s support will enable companies to access new competencies and capital for their growth. The new companies that have joined ELITE belong to different sectors such as food and beverage, with an aggregate revenue of 2.3 billion euros and a total amount of 9000 employees.

KPMG Lounge:


KPMG Lounge introduces for the first time the strategic advisory into the ELITE Lounge Model. The agreement signed between ELITE and KPMG in Italy relies on the commitment from KPMG to identify a group of key clients worth investing in, supporting them through their next stage of growth, getting even more value from the ELITE programme. A particular focus is given to M&A and Internationalization. Coming from 8 different Italian regions, these companies represent a wide range of industrial sectors spanning from IT services to food and beverage, with an aggregate revenue of 4,5 billion euros and a total amount of 19.000 employees.



Cutting the ribbon of its dedicated ELITE Lounge, Deloitte strengthen its commitment towards its clients, developing and supporting ambitious private companies in developing and improve their governance models. The Deloitte team includes professionals that will support companies in all the ELITE phases, facilitating access to capital and also to private placement opportunities through the ELITE Club Deal digital platform. ELITE Deloitte Lounge offers a co-branded path to fast-growing companies, preparing and structuring them for further growth.

BDO Italy Lounge


L'obiettivo della Lounge di BDO in ELITE è quello di offrire un ambiente esclusivo all’interno del network internazionale di ELITE che metta il cliente al centro di opportunità pensate per accrescere ancora di più impresa e talento. Il modello della Lounge fa leva su una conoscenza profonda dei bisogni delle società e sulla capacità di ELITE di innestare il cambiamento, supportando le aziende nel loro percorso di crescita e affiancandole per avviare cambiamenti culturali ed organizzativi.

UBI Banca Italy Lounge


Le 21 società entrate a far parte del programma ELITE nell'ambito della Lounge attivata da UBI Banca in partnership con Confidustria sono rappresentative di 9 diversi settori, dalla moda, alla produzione alimentare fino alla chimica e provengono da 8 diverse regioni italiane.
Obiettivo della ELITE UBI Banca Lounge è quello di facilitare l'accesso ai mercati dei capitali.