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SMEs need new instruments to help them develop their projects and address all the changes taking place daily in their sector.

As well as helping companies boost visibility, productivity and efficiency, ELITE also offers them new opportunities. But to take advantage of these opportunities calls for a cultural and organisational turnaround, of the kind that underlies all processes of innovation and entrepreneurial development.

The first phase of the ELITE programme stimulates change through an innovative approach involving businessmen, successful managers and experts.

An 8-day programme broken down into four modules, coordinated by the Academy of Borsa Italiana and Bocconi University, to provide you with the required operational skills.

  • Module I
    Routes to growth and internationalisation.
  • Module II
    Business culture and governance for growth.
  • Module III
    The impact of growth on the role of the Managing Director and on reporting systems.
  • Module IV
    Strategic business communication and sourcing finance.

In the Get Fit phase, all the suggestions and guidelines mastered during the Get Ready phase are put into practice.

At this point in the ELITE programme, the companies “in training” bring into play the changes required for optimal development of their growth projects.

Using a self-assessment test, your company can identify the areas for improvement to work on, targeting achievement of the ELITE Quality Certification on completion of training: this is assigned to companies of outstanding excellence that are ready for the Get Value phase.

Throughout the Get Fit phase you can count on the support of the ELITE Team, a group of professionals tailored to your specific needs.

From your very first day in ELITE you can count on all-round support, even for marketing and communication. You will be engaged in all the initiatives designed to boost your brand and ranking with investors, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders. The ELITE Quality certification gives you access to a select international community of investors, professionals and companies.

An ELITE company is more transparent, more efficient, more visible and more attractive to potential investors, allowing you to benefit from exclusive business and networking opportunities with:

  • private equity and institutional investors
  • the bank system
  • entrepreneurs and managers of listed groups
  • a network of Borsa Italiana professionals at the service of enterprise

The ELITE website guarantees maximum visibility with your company’s most strategic targets. ELITE companies will have further visibility in the national and local Press, both on joining the ELITE Programme and when they report on performance.