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ELITE Requirements

The companies that meet these requirements can apply to join by sending an email to

The following documents must be attached:

short description of the company and its core business

growth plan specifying economic/financial goals, the resources required, the actions to be taken, the economic and organisational impact, timeframes for implementation and, where relevant, current situation.

the latest financial statement filed at the Chamber of Commerce

The application will be submitted to an Evaluation Committee, independent of Borsa Italiana, which will assess the request within ten days of receipt.




Borsa Italiana has the right to allow companies to join and/or continue as members of ELITE even if they do not meet the economic requirements, taking into consideration the macroeconomic situation, the characteristics of the sector and any temporary or extraordinary circumstances affecting the applicant enterprise.

Economic Requirements:

  • Minimum turnover of €10million (or less, if there is a high growth rate)
  • Operating earning>5% of turnover
  • Profit in the last finanzial year

Feasible growth plan



Active partecipation in the training course: 8 days organised in 4 modules and coordinated by Borsa Italiana Academy and Bocconi University


  • Periodical updating of the company profile
  • Publication of interim report
  • Publication of Notes to the interim and annual financial statements


  • Drafting of annual budget and industrial plan
  • Implementation of a management control system appropriate to the size and complexity of the corporate structure, if necessary
  • Definition of a model appropriate to the size and complexity or the corporate structure
  • Auditing of the accounts